May Prayer Letter

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Miller April Recap

This month has certainly been different, but the Lord has been so good to us and taught us important lessons about relying on Him. When we started deputation we looked forward to the way God would grow us through situations just like this one, and He has been faithful to do just that. We are thankful for your faithful prayer and sacrificial giving so that we can together fulfil the ministry God has called us to in Peru! Here are a few highlights of what has been going on with the Millers:


No doubt Easter was a little different this year, but we enjoyed celebrating our risen Lord together! Our home church, Vision Baptist Church, had its first drive-in service Easter Sunday and it was a blessing to see everyone together, even though we were all in our cars. The kids loved sitting up front with us, and Eden cannot wait to get to play with all her friends in the nursery again.
I was able to preach and encourage giving toward the Center for World Evangelism during a 36-hour Share-a-Thon. I preached 2 Peter 3:1-9 about God’s attitude toward the world – how He is patient and giving them time to hear the gospel, and it is our job to get it to them! During this event we saw over $105,000 raised!

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