Miller May Recap

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Miller May Recap

Praise the Lord we are back on the road! It feels like it has been forever, but we had our first few meetings this month and we are so grateful to be moving closer to Peru! Being able to assemble is something I will not soon take for granted. Thank you for faithfully praying and sacrificially giving so that we can together fulfil the ministry God has called us to in Peru! Here are a few highlights of what has been going on with the Millers:

A creative access missions conference?

This is how we participated with a church in Virginia for their Missions Conference from our home in Georgia. It was a blessing to meet together with God’s people and share with them the burden God has given us for church planting and training leaders in Peru. We rejoiced to hear that they will be partnering together with us monthly moving forward. God is faithful to provide, even in creative ways. He always takes care of us!
This is my pastor, Austin Gardner. He has greatly invested and personally sacrificed for the sake of me and my family so that we could grow and follow the leading of the Lord in our lives – hundreds more would say the very same. Right now he is battling Covid-19 in a hospital in Atlanta, GA – he desperately needs your prayers. Please pray that his body would continue to heal and that he would be able to leave the hospital soon to recover at home. One thing we have been working on and now completed is our ministry video presentation! It is available on our website at where you can watch it and keep up with everything going on with us.


We are praising the Lord as He gave us a new supporter this month! With every new supporter, we get one step closer to reaching Peru, we cannot wait to get there!


Pray that the Lord would use us to burden others for the need for the gospel around the world! Pray for the people of Peru who are struggling under the current circumstances, that they would turn to Christ who is the only constant in this unpredictable and unstable world.

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