November Prayer Letter

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We have two new partners in the ministry this month!

November has been an exciting month, we have seen God’s blessing and were encouraged by how He is using His people to take the gospel all over the world!

We had a great conference

This conference at Vision Baptist Church was a wonderful time to spend around God’s word discussing what we can do to reach more people with the gospel around the world. I walked away from the fellowship encouraged and blessed to see so many pastors and missionaries all striving to reach the world with the gospel that will free them from their sin and give them new life in Christ. 

We are thrilled to have two new partners in the ministry this month! It is exciting to see how the Lord provides for our needs as we follow where He leads. Please consider partnering with us to take the gospel, the message that has transformed each and every one of us as believers, and share it with those who desperately need it!

Please pray for a young lady named Misty and her boyfriend. After hearing my salvation testimony she believes her boyfriend has a similar story but is not yet saved (he was not at the service). He grew up in church and knows the truth, but has not yet accepted Christ’s work on his behalf. I know what it is like to finally trust Christ after so many years of living

We are praising God for His protection on the road. We recently changed our brakes and got back on the road, we drove over 500 miles before realizing that the lug nuts on one of the wheels were not tightened correctly (I won’t mention who forgot to tighten them). By the time I pulled over and diagnosed the problem I could remove the lug nuts by hand. We were reminded that even when we make mistakes and put ourselves in danger, God protects us cares for us!

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